Minimal Mom: Daydates

I think in recent months I have become a bit more of shoe girl. I consider myself to be a minimalist when it comes to my overall style because at the base of my wardrobe are lots of neutrals and clean lines, and casual seperates. I’m the type of girl that will buy the same gray shirt (I LOVE gray!!) & cognac colored bag or shoe. And I am fortunate to have a husband that likes that I like what I like, and am not apologetic about it. Whew! That was a mouthful! Ha! But here & there I do like to play with patterns, bold accessories, and a sexy shoe to keep things spicy. Like with these Michael Kors wedges in black. Continue reading “Minimal Mom: Daydates”

Minimalist Mom: The Anti-Diaper Bag.

I’m not sure how many moms out there are like me, but I’m totally not a fan of diaper bags. Of course, this is something that didn’t become apparent to me until the birth of my daughter and about two years later, the same stands true! So I’ve complied a quick guide to choosing a tote that can easily be transformed into a great baby AND mommy bag and back again!

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Intentional Living: The power of Art

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You may have noticed, KK and I are “artsy- fartsy” folks! Lol! With my background as a dancer (growing up I did ballet, tap, liturgical, and modern dance) and Kk’s as an art student, we are fine art appreciators and we share a love of exploring local museums and art exhibits. For us art, no matter the language of the artist, can convey endless emotions, teleport, touch, and inspire. So this week, we took a quick trip to MOLAA (The Museum of Latin American Art) in Long Beach, Ca.

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Recipe: Easy Peezy Roasted Asparagus.

In recent years Asparagus has become one of my favorite vegetables. Although it’s mysterious to some people, it’s super easy to cook and is full of great vitamins & nutrients. Asparagus is also anti-inflammatory and a great antioxidant! During the summer it’s a fav of ours to throw them on the grill with some new potatoes, steak or chicken. But for now, since they have just come into season (although in California you can find them pretty much year-round) and it’s not quite grilling weather yet (I can’t wait!!), here’s a quick oven roasted recipe. Trust me it’s SUPER easy!

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MomLife: A farewell [love] letter to breastfeeding.

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After almost 17 months I am no longer a breastfeeding mom. Wow! I can’t believe I’m finally saying that! Weaning has been so bitter-sweet because our breastfeeding journey is something I have worn with such pride. It has been so [sweet &] amazing to be amongst the ranks of so many strong women that have risen “above the occasion” for their children. And it is one of the final steps [bitter] to accepting that Connor is becoming a little girl and not a little baby anymore😔. (although she will always be my baby!)

But it has also been something that I felt strongly about not doing (weaning) because of what people thought or how they perceive a breastfeeding toddler/ “extended breastfeeding”. Continue reading “MomLife: A farewell [love] letter to breastfeeding.”

Intentional Living: Lunch A La Fresca

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One of my favorite things about being a Southern Californian is the food! I know that’s totally a fat thing to say but it’s true! LOL! California (like New York) is known for its unique, fresh & multicultural cuisine and there is no shortage of that near me. At any given time I am probably less than 15 mins away from a Mexican, Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, Italian, or Soul Food restaurant (to name a few!) And one of my new favorites is the Cuban inspired cuisine at Habana.

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Intentional Living: A Simple Park Day

It’s funny how life changes when you have a child and the things that you start to value once you are seeing the world through your little persons eyes. Parks are definitely one of those things! Over the past few months (since Connor learned to walk) it has become one of our favorite family pastimes and we find ourselves at some kind of park at least 2 or 3 times a week. It’s a simple way for us all to get some fresh air and for Connor to explore & run around (this is important when you are a SAHM to a toddler!) – lol! Continue reading “Intentional Living: A Simple Park Day”