Minimal Mom: Daydates

I think in recent months I have become a bit more of shoe girl. I consider myself to be a minimalist when it comes to my overall style because at the base of my wardrobe are lots of neutrals and clean lines, and casual seperates. I’m the type of girl that will buy the same gray shirt (I LOVE gray!!) & cognac colored bag or shoe. And I am fortunate to have a husband that likes that I like what I like, and am not apologetic about it. Whew! That was a mouthful! Ha! But here & there I do like to play with patterns, bold accessories, and a sexy shoe to keep things spicy. Like with these Michael Kors wedges in black. Continue reading “Minimal Mom: Daydates”

Minimalist Mom: The Anti-Diaper Bag.

I’m not sure how many moms out there are like me, but I’m totally not a fan of diaper bags. Of course, this is something that didn’t become apparent to me until the birth of my daughter and about two years later, the same stands true! So I’ve complied a quick guide to choosing a tote that can easily be transformed into a great baby AND mommy bag and back again!

Continue reading “Minimalist Mom: The Anti-Diaper Bag.”