Transitioning to plant-based eating? First step, Get your mind right!

When you realize, your that girl that travels with her own snacks. 🍇😆 True Story, I pack my lunch everyday for work. (Sometimes there’s an exception on payday 😜) And also I always, always, have my favorite snacks on hand to graze in between meals: Fruit, quinoa chips and salsa, protein bars or trail mix. And lots and lots of agua.

My favorite part of starting my plant-based journey? realizing how NOT expensive it is.

I’ll be forever grateful for my time at 21Ninety. While I was curating the social media content I was also learning on the job. My first exposure to veganism, minimalism, and low-waste living. The moment I had the realization that it’s not only obtainable but very sustainable for people of color and black people. And I was learning rapidly on the job: how easy it is with just a little planning and preparation to make the leap.🌿

I’ll also be forever indebted to my ex-21Ninety coworker who (has been vegetarian for many years and) encouraged me to NOT focus on finding a meat supplement for every meal (faux meat really grossed me out in the beginning), but to learn to enjoy dishes first without meat. This was a game changer. And the single greatest advice. My foundation. A word: Let’s stop focusing on fake meat. And let’s get into some soulful flavorful dishes without it.

You see, eating plant-based isn’t breaking the bank when you focus on the omission of meat. (And now I love not buying it, worrying about how I handle it, or if it’s going bad in my fridge because I’ve been so busy). But it can be expensive if you focus is on buying faux meats, supplements, store bought protein shakes, and if your avoiding eating at home. Lol! — It’s really easy when you instead focus on:

  • getting the nutrients you need, food is fuel.
  • focus on creativity.
  • focus on flavor.
  • maximizing your dollar.
  • Doing a little meal prep.

Now just take that extra space on your plate 🤲🏾 (and in your budget) where your meat used to be (maybe just start with a couple of times a week) and fill it with a favorite flavorful veggie & a whole grain. (Psst: Veggies and grains are way cheaper than meat).

Start small. And one day you’ll look up and realize you are living, loving, and thriving without meat.

Lastly, chew on this:

  • Vegan/Plant-based is 70 – 80% about your mentality. Jump start your journey by doing a bit of research, start following some plant-based feeds or blogs, buy a couple of cookbooks (rent them from the library if you have to!) or see a nutritionist/dietitian.
  • It will shake up your relationship with food. (but in the best possible way!) — You will still love food!
  • It IS attainable for everyone. Many communities of color around the world have lead plant-based diets for centuries.
  • It’s not about faux meats and protein shakes.
  • It’s not about access to health food stores. You can not buy meat anywhere.
  • It’s about making room for fuel on your plate.
  • It’s about creativity, culture, and flavor.
  • (And for me) it’s about reducing exposure to hormones, carcinogens, and __________ (insert your why here).

Until next time,


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