Intentional Living: Simply Motherhood


I’ve been trying to think of a way to share these amazing photos with the world. I recently had a photography session with the amazing Lauren Guilford, who is a Los Angeles Doula, Birth, newborn and family photographer. And I am blown away! 


I am so honored to be apart of her newest photo series with some fellow Los Angeles based moms, called Simply Motherhood. And although I was purposing to think of a crafty way to share these photos (or some deep theoretical post about Motherhood), I’ve decided that this simplest way is most befitting.

You see,  I am blown away by what she was able to achieve (and create) with me and my girl in a relatively empty room, 2 camera’s, and just 15mins. Usually Connor is very shy when taking photos with photographers (other than me. go figure! ha!) But she honestly couldn’t sit still during this session. As you can imagine, this hardly leaves any time for perfectly crafted, styled photos. But instead, an array of authentic, organic, and simple photos of what motherhood is really like for me. And honestly, I cried viewing these photos for the first time. Lauren so adeptly captured the essence of love, passion, and sincerity in our relationship in such a short time. And because secretly, I had been looking for a photographer who could do that for me. (When you’re also a photographer, it can be especially hard to find this individual that just gets you.)



I also love these photos because when I look at them I see how my body has transformed as a mom over the past 3 years. I see the stretch marks. thickness, curves, and seeming “imperfections” but, instead of shame, all I feel for myself is love. I am so proud of the fact that my body was able to be used as a vehicle to bring forth this amazing life earth side. And I feel so honored to know what that’s like. Now, even more so than when my daughter was a newborn.


And lastly, I’m enamored with these photos because aside from Motherhood being this amazing, captivating, cultivating, insanely dope, and wacky experience, it is also just so natural and pure. It is often in these simple moments of just being, living, and loving one another, that God feels most present and real to me. And I am drawn to being most intentional and “here”. So grateful to have this moment frozen in time!



It is everything!

Take Care,


2 thoughts on “Intentional Living: Simply Motherhood

  1. I love these photos, Brittany!! They’re absolutely beautiful. The setting is perfect. I really dig the big windows, concrete floor & walls, those stairs, and the natural light. AMAZING ART!!! Ms. Guilford captured an adorable story . . . yours and Conner’s story.

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