Self-Care: When taking a break from building is essential


In 2015 I started this blog. Enamored by my new status as a stay at home mom, I discovered that blogging is an amazing outlet, way to share ideas, and to meet like minded individuals. And long before (in digital time at least!) the introduction of social media algorithms, comment pods, and serious influencer marketing, I was thriving.  Little did I know that the blogging world would turn into big, big business.The Glow Up

In a little over a year I successfully (in my opinion) monetized my blog though collaborations with amazing brands such as Carters, All State Insurance, Carols Daughter, Minuet Maid (to name a few). Let’t not even talk about all the free stuff sent my way as a blogger-influencer. (Yep! Being an “Influencer” also became a thing!). Like, a real career, make a living doing it, sort of thing!

As I rounded my second year of blogging I was no longer blogging as a hobby. I was building a business. — I spent all my time online and I was obsessed with building my personal brand and helping others do the same.  In fact, blogging alone is what inspired me to launch my own business and is what propelled me into the trajectory of my current career as a content creator, social media marketer, and photographer.

I’m forever grateful for all of the things I learned (about my self and the world), connections I’ve made, and skills I’ve solidified through my initial blogging journey. But so much of it was so unhealthy! —

Mental Breakdown

The truth is, If you let it, the social media world will take you on one hell of a rollercoaster! (Wrapping your head around the ever changing algorithm “rules” alone will have you pulling your hair out). And it takes intention, and lots of self-love to not allow it to consume you and steal your joy. Ever heard of the saying, “Comparison is the thief of joy?”.  Trying having your social media world rocked while marketing and curating content for a digital media platform of over 300,000 people! (this is apart of my current scope of work).

All across the world we are seeing the adverse affects of such interconnectedness. It’s a beautiful thing social media, but mentally, having such powerful access to all types of ways of life can be sickening if you don’t have healthy boundaries.


But now more than ever (almost one year after returning to work, experiencing social media exhaustion [from said work] and trying to still manage my own blog and business), I feel equipped to handle the sometimes hostile and fragile digital landscape. I’ve learned so much about what is needed to thrive in this space. How to stay authentic, and still set yourself apart. And how to fill this space with self-care and intention.

#SelfCare Tips for Content Creators

If you feel yourself spiraling into digital exhaustion as a blogger, influencer, content creator, digital marketer or (simply as a) an avid consumer of  digital media. Here are 5 practical things you can do to click reset on your vibes.

5 Ways to practice self-care in the digital world

  1. unplug. give yourself permission (regularly) to unplug from building, posting, and  checking your stats. It’s not healthy to obsess about likes, impressions, and reach every day. And at least once a month, schedule a day or two to not check your social at all. Spend some time with your family without feeling like you have to capture the moment with your camera or phone. cook yourself a meal. Allow yourself to get lost somewhere for at least for one day.
  2. be authentic. So I’ll let y’all in on a big-little secret about avoiding burn out  I learned along the way: being authentic will take you a super long way. Because, eventually it get’s incredibly exhausting constantly pretending to be like someone else. — Just do you! Be you! Love you! And be authentic in your online interactions and relationships. Let yourself off the hook.
  3. rest. this one is essential. Officially give yourself permission to rest. Like do nothing, don’t even try to keep yourself busy, and take some time to practice some self-care.
  4. create. then give yourself opportunities to create and cultivate your social perspective/voice. If you’re an introvert like me, resting may be essential to keeping the creative juices flowing. And both are equally as important because they feed one another. If you think you’re great at creating now imagine what would happen if you took time to rest regularly.
  5. repeat.

Take Care.


One thought on “Self-Care: When taking a break from building is essential

  1. Hey Brittany!

    I loved this piece. It speaks so profoundly to where I am in my blogging /social media/ content creating journey. Now that I’m gearing up to launch my Etsy shop, I know it’s only going to get more complex. As you mentioned, self-care is more important than ever. I write about self-care on my blog, but I sometimes need to be reminded to practice self-care for…myself! Thank you for being that reminder.


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