Intentional Living: Family Day in Seal Beach


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One of my favorite things about being a Californian is being so close to the coast. I’m not sure if it’s my island roots or my So-Cal upbringing, but a beautiful ocean view is like therapy for me! As a result, it has become a reoccurring theme throughout my marriage; What can I say, I have a great husband & he likes to keep me happy! 🙂 And now K has become a beach lover too! And so anytime of year, rain, overcast or shine, we love visiting the beach! There is just something about it that is calming, soothing & refreshing!  We enjoy walking the pier, drinking in the view and burning a bonfire (on summer nights)! Needless to say, we plan to indoctrinate Connor as well! Lol!

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Lately, Seal Beach has become our go-to beach. We love it because it’s kind of a local secret, because it’s one of the smaller beaches in the area. And there are lots of great shops, boutiques & restaurants leading up to its pier. And with a toddler it is nice because there is lots of parking near the pier and even on its most crowded of days we don’t have to trek a mile to get to the shoreline.


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Now that I’m back working, our family days have almost become sacred. For K & I having time to connect and relax is important and we also make a conscious effort to spend time together with Connor since we both have busy schedules. So Seal Beach is a great place to do that as we connect over a good meal at its many small restaurants, to do a little walking, and to get some fresh air.

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We are definitely looking forward to our next therapy sesh!

– BK

P.S. Check out more of Connor in this adorable tee courtesy of We Are Truth & Gold.



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