Minimalist Mom: July 4th

In recent years, the 4th of July has become one of my favorite holidays. It’s the perfect junction of summer nostalgia as a kid, good BBQ, outdoor fun, & my favorite – bonfires & S’mores! It’s also one of the few holidays that I don’t feel obliged to be somewhere with my extended family. And having Connor on the scene also adds a bit of sparkle to the 4th as well. There is just something so special about seeing those fireworks at the end of the night through a child’s eyes; it’s captivating! And of course, there are all of the patriotic ensembles that we have fun putting together for the day. This may be the only holiday that I get a little “matchy-matchy” on throughout the year! LOL! But, wouldn’t it be nice to rock something that we’d also wear (besides around the house) year round? Connor & I are putting a chic twist on our red, white, & blue outfits this year with some of my favorite summer sixteen prints.


I would love to read about some of your 4th of July traditions or plans for this year! Share in the comment section below 🙂




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