Intentional Living: LA adventures

It’s always a good time when Hubby, Connor and I so can spend some quality time together, and our family day this past week was no exception. For the past month or so we’ve been trying to get over to LACMA – The Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art (before they block off its iconic ‘Urban Lights’ display for a bit) and this week seemed like the perfect opportunity. We also hit up The Grove of LA for lunch (at Umami Burger, yum!) and did a little shopping along the way. All in all ingredients for a splendid day!

K & I have lived in the suburbs a few mins just outside LA (& in the OC) our whole lives but have been finding ourselves enjoying and frequenting LA a lot more lately. And with Spring in Cali officially being in full effect (which almost always means we’re a tad warmer than the rest of the country. Lol!) cool and comfortable was the goal for our looks of the day.

Connor & I both rocked cute blue & white Zara dresses with sandals. And my favorite accessories of the day were:  Connor’s floral crown I bought from the OC fair last summer, my tribal inspired necklace I scored from Burlington for $7 (that I can’t seem to take off!), and a cream Zara tote with my (lifesaver) ToteSavvy organizer insert.  I’ve recently become a #LifeInPlayBrandAmbassador and seriously, every stylish mom should get their hands on the purse insert! It’s amazingly functional and versatile and great for days out and about when you want to carry lots of Mommy & baby/toddler essentials (& then some!).

Check out pics from our day below:






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