Intentional Living: How to reach your goal of reading more this year

3B4CB919-2D5C-4424-88FF-685695D7376C.jpegIn the 5th grade I fell in love with reading! — I know, I know! This sounds like such a geeky thing. ha! But it’s true! In the 5th grade (when my English teacher would make us have a quite reading hour in class) I learned the power of reading for pleasure and being an avid reader. Fast forward to today, I’ve have no idea how many I’ve read (there are so many!!) and it’s still a hobby I like to indulge in today. Continue reading “Intentional Living: How to reach your goal of reading more this year”

Self-Care: When taking a break from building is essential


In 2015 I started this blog. Enamored by my new status as a stay at home mom, I discovered that blogging is an amazing outlet, way to share ideas, and to meet like minded individuals. And long before (in digital time at least!) the introduction of social media algorithms, comment pods, and serious influencer marketing, I was thriving.  Little did I know that the blogging world would turn into big, big business. Continue reading “Self-Care: When taking a break from building is essential”

Intentional Living: Family Day in Seal Beach


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One of my favorite things about being a Californian is being so close to the coast. I’m not sure if it’s my island roots or my So-Cal upbringing, but a beautiful ocean view is like therapy for me! As a result, it has become a reoccurring theme throughout my marriage; What can I say, I have a great husband & he likes to keep me happy! 🙂 And now K has become a beach lover too! And so anytime of year, rain, overcast or shine, we love visiting the beach! There is just something about it that is calming, soothing & refreshing!  We enjoy walking the pier, drinking in the view and burning a bonfire (on summer nights)! Needless to say, we plan to indoctrinate Connor as well! Lol!

Continue reading “Intentional Living: Family Day in Seal Beach”

LookBook: Barbie 2017

As a minimalist mom, I try to be mindful about the toys we bring into our little world. And although I can’t always be as stellar of a gatekeeper as I would like to be (because Bday gifts, birthday parties, and misc grandparent splurges. Ha!), Connor has acquired some pretty great playthings in her short 3 years. And her Barbie collection is definitely one of them. Continue reading “LookBook: Barbie 2017”

Self-care: Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls {Review}

If you follow me on Instagram, you may remember that I am a total Naturalista. For the last two years I have been more intentional about caring for, loving, and preserving my natural curls. And now of course- Connor’s curls too! So when I recently heard about Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls from Sai De Silva (of @ScoutTheCity), I really wanted to give it a try! Continue reading “Self-care: Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls {Review}”

Intentional Living: LA adventures

It’s always a good time when Hubby, Connor and I so can spend some quality time together, and our family day this past week was no exception. For the past month or so we’ve been trying to get over to LACMA – The Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art (before they block off its iconic ‘Urban Lights’ display for a bit) and this week seemed like the perfect opportunity. We also hit up The Grove of LA for lunch (at Umami Burger, yum!) and did a little shopping along the way. All in all ingredients for a splendid day! Continue reading “Intentional Living: LA adventures”